We regret to inform you that nCrypt will be closing at the end of August 2018.

For the past few months, we have been experiencing challenges due to the current hostile environment in Canada towards cryptocurrency businesses. We do not expect the situation to become significantly better any time soon. As an unfortunate outcome of this, we have decided to cease operations.

Our company has been operating in Vancouver since 2011; first under the name nTrust, and more recently as nCrypt. The change from the nTrust remittance platform to the nCrypt cryptocurrency wallet over the past year has been a challenging, but exciting journey for our team. We are extremely proud of all that we have accomplished, and thankful for the incredible support we received from our members during the past seven years.

Before our closure at the end of August, members must transfer all funds currently in their nCrypt accounts out of the platform. If you still have funds in your account, we would encourage you to sign in and transfer your funds either to your bank account or an external wallet.

Thank you again to all of our members for their support.

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If you need assistance, get in touch with our support team, or visit our Help Site for step by step instructions.

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