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Buy & Sell Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin Core in Canada

With nCrypt, you can buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core easily, store it, send anywhere, or sell and withdraw to your bank account. We make it simple and seamless to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core.

What We Do

Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell

Buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core without waiting for verification. We pull real-time rates to make sure you always get a fair price. Your transaction is instant, so you never have to worry about the value rising or falling while you wait.

Send or Store

Send or Store

Send Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Core to any other nCrypt member instantly and for free. Get verified to easily send to an external address – we verify within 48 hours, and we’ll even cover the mining fee.

Withdraw to Bank or Load a Card

Withdraw to Bank

Easily link a personal bank account to your nCrypt account to withdraw your funds as Canadian dollars. Withdrawals typically take 7-10 business days.

No Fees

No Fees

No mining fees. No added fees to send or receive cryptocurrency, or to deposit CAD to your account. Other than that, you’re in the clear.

Refer & Earn

Refer your family and friends and you'll each earn $2 CAD.

Find Out How

  • Fraud Prevention

    Fraud Prevention

    Security software is only as good as the people and process behind it. Our professional fraud prevention specialists track activity and look for suspicious patterns. This combination of technology and expertise shuts down theft before it even starts.

  • Bank Level Encryption

    Bank Level Encryption

    nCrypt is secured with bank-level 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Any data sent between you and us is sent through a secure channel so thieves can't intercept the message. See that lock icon in your address bar? That means it's working.

  • Regulated by FINTRAC

    Regulated by FINTRAC

    nCrypt is licensed, registered with and regulated by FINTRAC, Canada's independent financial intelligence unit. Our systems, procedures, and reporting all meet or exceed FINTRAC's requirements, known as the “gold standard” in global regulation.

  • Data Security Standards

    Data Security Standards

    nCrypt is a Level One rated PCI-DSS compliant company. Our security, internal policies, and data handling meet or exceed global standards created by major credit card companies like MasterCard® and Visa®.

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